The Doll With Weight Issues

This is either the most bizarre “toy,” or the most clever. I haven’t decided yet. There is a doll designed by Christina Bisland called the GO-DO. You are able to inject the doll with a liquid to change the doll’s body shape and size.

Today, even though they are larger than their counterparts in the 50s, children are still given 50s shaped Barbie dolls to play with. If given the opportunity to decide whether their doll was to be slim or fat, which would they choose? Would they want their doll to look like them? Should we give a child that choice?

The doll is manipulated through the injection of a liquid into its hollow body, which changes its shape from very slim to obese (and vice-versa).

While the doll was developed in response to obesity and eating disorders, I’m not quite sure of the purpose for the doll? I think most kids would get more kicks out of injecting a doll than anything else.

Fat [core77 via boingboing]

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