The Devil Doesn’t Copy

When I first heard the plagiarism allegations leveled at Ann Coulter, I recall a “yippee” coming from my mouth. Could it really be true? Could the most evil person of the moment truly fall from the devil’s throne because she couldn’t even write her own wickedness?

More than anyone, I wanted to believe the allegations. I was all over my favorite cable news programs this week waiting for the fallout. I especially appreciated MSNBC’s Keith Oldermann attempt at seriousness in order to get to the bottom of Coultergate. This occurred after his sophomoric montage of videos on the country’s dumbest crooks. I was obviously not going to discover the truth from someone that throws paper on the floor just for kicks.

What I did discover – There are allegations that Coulter plagiarized in her now infamous book Godless, which has a collection of columns that she previously wrote for newspaper affiliates. This is the same book in which she labels four 9/11 widows as harpies. The syndicator of Ann Coulter’s column is reviewing the allegations, according to MSNBC. However, according to Fox News, the syndicator dismissed all allegations. Both cable news networks made their announcements on the same day, so who is to be believed?

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Clearly MSNBC and the rest of the generally sane population would like to see Coulter declared a fraud and banished from society. But it appears as if she didn’t plagiarize. Examples of the alleged plagiarism show that she was stating facts about court cases, governing laws, and political terms. When writing a factual account there is always going to be similarity because changes can’t be made to dates, the name of procedures, those involved, or court terms.

With that said, can’t we find another way to bring Ann Coulter down from the devil’s throne? For instance – her monkey hands, her adam’s apple, her problems with men and so on.

Written by Michaelene Nordfors

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