The Deli Guy Says Brangelina Getting Married This Weekend

I’m doubtful this will go down this weekend. Especially if George Clooney’s janitor doesn’t know anything about a wedding; the help always knows what’s going on.

Rumors of a forthcoming Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie wedding are really bringing out the investigative journalism skills at the news wires. Just when you thought George Clooney news had reached critical mass, reporters have now descended upon the small, overpublicized town of Lake Como, Italy where he owns an estate, fueled by rumors that Brangelina will wed there this weekend. Reuters and the Associated Press dispatched its staff writers to do some hard-hitting reporting and here’s what they came up with.

Reuters reports: “A janitor at the villa said Clooney was not there and that he didn’t know of any wedding.”

“But three elderly men having an early glass of wine in a bar down the road were convinced there was more to [the rumors].”

“They are cleaning the village and tidying up everything, something is going to happen,” said Andrea, who declined to give his surname.

And from the AP: “I can tell you Clooney isn’t here (in Laglio), because whenever he’s here a motorboat is tied up to his dock and there’s no motorboat. I’m looking right now from my window,” said Mariuccia Riva, whose husband’s boatyard often rents boats to Clooney’s guests.

Could it be that the wedding may be taking place in Italy, but not at Clooney’s villa?

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