The Definition Of Vulgar

June 29th, 2006 // 36 Comments

Jodie Marsh attends the UK premiere of Just My Luck. She even makes Jordan look classy. You may be asking, how are these photos of Jodie Marsh any different from the photos we posted earlier of Pamela Anderson? We’ll first of all, Jodie Marsh is attending a movie premiere, and is wearing the outfit only to attract attention to herself. Pamela Anderson stripped to attract attention to a cause. While some may argue that Jodie Marsh may be considered a cause (something in need of our attention), I don’t.

The full horror story is after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ldysunfyre

    Eww. Her boobs are lumpy.

  2. Wear Safety Googles Around This Bitch!

    Uh, why aren’t the Constables arresting her for exposure?? You can see her nipples!

  3. Gravity Is A Bitch!

    Do you think she can see her feet?

  4. Small Fry

    You think the boobs are lumpy……..take a look at the nose job.

  5. lindz

    this is truly disgusting.

  6. tee

    Who is this chick?

  7. Draya

    What’s up with her nose?? Is that on purpose?

  8. Fabiola

    What possible reason could she have to want to deform herself in that way? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  9. Mrs.

    First, are those real? (teehee) And second, I would have preferred 2 diagonal tit belts to the 1 horizontal belt. I think it would have really pulled the whole outfit together nicely. She’s funny.

  10. Unknown

    I hate stupid broads who think their only contribution in life is their big fake tits! Pathetic!

  11. BigDog

    Gotta love them trashy confident women!

  12. nevermind

    Right Fabiola! “DEFORM HERSELF”. I am so disgusted. What is wrong with people today where they purposefully turn themselves into a sideshow carnival act just to get attention?
    WHAT THE F–K!?!! And you can tell she was once a very pretty girl. When she old and falling apart she will rue the day she made her tits that big! Unbelievable!

  13. johnnygirl

    From the neck up, in this pic, she reminds me of Alex from Clockwork Orange.

  14. Randi

    You just know that those women in Africa with the neck rings and the women in China with the bound feet are looking at these pictures and thinking “those poor Western women, look what they do to themselves to try to look good”.

  15. s0cialite

    to all the guys on here…is that even remotely attractive? i’m blown away by how disgusting it is!

    her nipples look painted on. how can she even look in the mirror?? and that nose is just–wrong.


  16. christine

    eww, it looks like they’re made of clay and someone stuck them on her body. really really nasty

  17. that expression on her face in the first pic reminds me of Star Jones…
    now i can’t get THAT horrid image outta my head.

  18. goil

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this: Pamela Anderson is waaaaay classier than this biotch.

    SCRIVS- thanks for the link (skeeve).

  19. doofus

    eeesh. I don’t know if I have anything to add really…just that I’m as disgusted as the rest of you.

    I don’t get the nose thing…it looks like someone flattened the end of it with a vise. If she did that on purpose, WHY? and if it’s like that naturally, why not FIX it?

    and the boobs…oh the boobs. in one of those shots, her boobs look like those fake plastic butts that you can strap over your own for a gag.

    seriously, are there ANY guys that find this look attractive? I mean, they can’t feel very good to the touch…they look like they’re so HARD because they’re stuffed to the breaking point.

  20. silly girl

    Uhm… she’s so yucky. That is quite possibly the most disgusting, fake-ist chick I’ve ever seen! Everything about her was bought and applied…
    make-up, boobs, tan, nose, lips, teeth, etc.
    I agree, why on earth would you TRY to look like THAT?

    Isn’t that like borderline public indecency? She might as well be naked. Our standards have just about disappeared altogether, I see. I can’t wait to have kids someday and try to explain THAT. By then we’ll probably all be wearing strings for clothes anyway.

  21. lissakv

    Isn’t your ass supposed to be on the other side of the body and about a foot and a half lower? The plastic surgeon put it in the wrong place … I think she could sue…

  22. Rick

    Wow. Even if it’s all plastic, and even if she should not be wearing that in public, that’s how I want to die. I want to be smothered in those until I pass out. lol

  23. j

    apart from all the other critiques, is that hat from a party store or something? and glued on plastic rhinestones-she’s making looking tacky look cheap. :P

  24. michelle

    this girl is english??? she looks like she came out of anna nicole’s garbage can in mexia, texas.

  25. maylenemaire

    She’s wearing that belt around her chest so her fake boobs won’t fall off.

  26. nixnux26

    My guess… her boobs weigh more than the rest of her body.

  27. Hotmama


  28. kw

    another whore broad! what’s with the belt just leave it off..just come down the red carpet naked.

  29. Barry M

    …”is wearing the outfit only to attract attention to herself.” Yeah, and you are foolish enough to give it to her.

  30. Andy

    When I get done with my gender transition, I hope to look like her.


  31. brown

    icky. tacky. disgusting. freak! she can get all that ‘work’ done and still not be able to hem her pants! but i guess it does not matter since she can’t see her feet.

  32. goddeSS

    what zoo let this animal on loose??? LOLZ

  33. alexis

    Wow that disgusting. It’s like she has an ass on her chest.

  34. rosie

    those boobs are fake and i dont mean plastic surgery fake, they are somehow joined to the jacket she is wearing. its just a pop at katie price… they are ment to look plastic..

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