The Crackhead vs. The Angry Lesbian

Back before anyone had seen a single episode of “Being Bobby Brown,” and we all pretty much suspected that something had gone awry with Whitney Houston, but hadn’t yet witnessed filmic evidence broadcast on Bravo, Newsweek nixed a quote from Whitney because, “Whitney was clearly not in her right mind,” when she gave it. Page Six of the New York Post reports:

WHITNEY Houston once told Newsweek that Rosie O’Donnell was a “fat bitch,” but the magazine pulled the insult, fearing it would upset the Grammy-winning diva’s devotees. In her new book, “Off the Record,” veteran Newsweek correspondent Allison Samuels says she got the incendiary quote from Houston after O’Donnell once implied she had substance abuse problems.

Man, I can only imagine all the juicy Whitney quotes we’ve been missing because of some people trying to exercise some “journalistic responsibility.” Bastards.

TRIMMING FAT [Page Six | New York Post]