The Countdown Until Elisha Cuthbert’s Crotch-Shot Starts Now

Going through BFF’s more quickly than Greek heirs, Paris Hilton has recovered pretty quickly from her breakup from Britney Spears and was recently spotted with the young star of “24,” Elisha Cuthbert. From Egotastic!:

Sure, Britney Spears was well on her way down the path to the dark side when Paris Hilton took her in as her Sith shit apprentice, but now that Britney has freed herself from Paris’ evil talons, as Page Six reports, it looks like Paris has found a new apprentice in Elisha Cuthbert, because always two there are.

Oh, Elisha. Do NOT let that girl snatch your panties. Rather, choose to panty your snatch. Please. Click here to see pix of the happy couple.

Paris Hilton Will Ruin Elisha Cuthbert Just Like She Ruined Britney Spears [Egotastic!]

PARTY’S OVER [Page Six | New York Post]

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