The Countdown Begins Until Paris Hilton’s Release Party

While Paris Hilton is finally doing her jail time with a lot less fuss than we’ve witnessed over the past week or so, her parents are keeping themselves busy by planning a Las Vegas soiree for their daughter when she gets out. Rick Hilton has reportedly been in contact with various Las Vegas hot spots, like the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, the Palms and Pure, to try and see if anyone’s interested in hosting a party for Paris upon her release from jail. Cause paying for it himself would just be tacky, I’m assuming.

“He was originally asking for a $50,000 cash fee to be paid, as well as accommodations and flights,” said our source. “Pure and Hard Rock said ‘no’ flat out, but George Maloof, who owns the Palms, didn’t say yes or no. He’s very good pals with Paris and is the one who once hooked her up with Britney Spears.”

I like the idea that Paris is going to come out and hit the ground running. I guess that since the closest thing she has to a job includes making appearances at various night spots, this is her equivalent of going straight back to work. Fake Paris will be relieved, I’m sure, since I like believing that she’s been picking up the slack of partying and crotch-flashing for the jailed heiress. I’m also totally sure that while Paris is shaking her bony rear end on the bar of some club, her heart will be actually be with the troops in Iraq.