The Corsair And Miu von Furstenberg Versus Larry Dobrow

You mess with the blog husband, you’ve got the blog wife to contend with.

The Corsair can take criticism with the best of them. If one dishes it out, one must be prepared to take the hits along the way. That’s only fair. But someone named Larry Dobrow of MediaDailyNews took it to another level.

Here are the writings of a man who doesn’t know a damn thing about writing:

Take “The Corsair,” a column by blogger dude Ron Mwangaguhunga. In it, he ranks his top 10 women of the moment, referencing how Aisha Tyler “fills out a bathing suit exquisitely” and how model Helena Christensen’s face “gets hotter and more interesting through the passage of time.” Honestly, I had to re-read it to see if I’d missed some blatant FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, THIS IS CLEARLY SATIRE notation, but none was forthcoming. As a writer and a dude, I’m ashamed for both my profession and my gender.

And yet Razor recovers from this grievous offense against the English language only a few short pages later. Flint Wainess invests his “Breakup Guy” column with the self-deprecatory wit and self-awareness that Mwanga-whatever-his-name-is lacks. Towards the back of the issue, Anna David’s “Sex Files” column offers a take on that most pivotal of relationship landmarks – taking it public – that veers clear of both “Sex in the City” cliché and girl-power sass.

Regarding “blogger dude Ron Mwangaguhunga,” the blog husband is so not a blogger dude. He’s one of the most talented writers there is, and he more class and style than you will ever have.

Regarding “Mwanga-whatever-his-name-is,” Does typing hurt your fingers, or are you seriously an idiot? It’s Ron Mwangaguhunga. Mr. Dobrow, you are a petty little man.

Regarding “As a writer and a dude, I’m ashamed for both my profession and my gender.” Lord help all heterosexual male writers if you’re ashamed. Get a clue.

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