The Christina Aguilera Wedding Photos

November 22nd, 2005 // 15 Comments

Pure marital bliss. That’s one big dress for one tiny woman. I must say that Christina does look beautiful. I’m not sure how I feel about that flower display behind the couple. It’s kind of tacky looking. Look for the next issue of OK Magazine for the full set of wedding photos. Perez Hilton has all of the wedding details.

(While the display is a chuppah (a wedding canopy), it’s still tacky. She’s worth millions, it could have been done up a tad more stylish.)

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Bookpusher

    Erm… Since the groom seems to be clearly dressed in Jewish attire, the flower display behind them is called a chuppah, which is a wedding canopy. They are often made of flowers nowadays… So maybe you still think it is tacky, but at least there’s a real reason for it! :)

  2. alicia

    looks like there are some signs of Christianity in this wedding as well…Xtina has a rosary in her hand…i wonder what people/observers have to say about that….i am just happy for them and hope that nothing divides them; religion nor infedelity…

  3. mutterhals

    What a total tranny and the husband looks like a hebrew mouse…

  4. ortem

    awwww… what a good boy – see??!!! Look at him… he looks like he bathes and (seriously) look at how he is looking at her – look at the love in his eyes (or infatuation, whatever) and to top is all off he is not a poor schleep (spell?) with the brains of a brick… yes I am comparing to a certain couple… can’t help it

    and I love the whole love me/love my religion thing… gorgeous

    congrats Xtina… and all the best

  5. ortem

    and to top it all off, according to a post further down he is built like a


    let’s just say it seems she made out like a bandit

  6. tocutetoscoot

    Sorry but I have to say it… to have all of the loot that she’s got there is just a little too much Velveta on display here!

    Jordan could you at least shave for the supposedly happiest day of your life! Geezo!

  7. channy

    i will use them for decoration etc and also let my grandaughter play with them so she won’t get bored

  8. amy

    i can’t believe some of you people saying such mean things about her on her wedding day! i dont understand why you’re even looking at these pictures of her when you clearly do not like her! get a life and get over yourselves, quit the jealousy and find a new hobbie!

  9. mona

    omg xtina looks totally gorgousee… shes done well!!! The groom could of shaved lol but oh welll u can tell dat they totally love eachother!!
    and to the people that are dissin xtina get a life n fine sumthin nice 2 say bout sum1!!! if u cant den dun bother sayin anithin at all!!

    best wished 4 the newlywedss!!!!

  10. ellissa


  11. virginia

    WHAT THE F. IS SHE WEARING???, it’s clear she does not have mirrors because she always looks crapy, but it seems that everyone around her hates her for letting her wear that dress……..GOD!! fire your fashion consultant!!!

  12. i think christina is great! and i cant wait til her new album comes out!

  13. marz

    LOOOL u lot make me laugh.. i totally agree wth virginia…n some of the others..she cud afford anything n everything.. n yet wears such a WEDDING dress… jst the tail of the dress is nice thats abt it.. otherwise it’s plain..n we all knw she does hav taste in clothing.. SOMETIMES… anyways… i swear jews aint allowed to marry other woman who aint jewish unless they convert??? n plus they had a JEWISH wedding.. n she’s got a cross on her belt… straaaaangee… n she looks mucccccch better than himmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she cud do muchh betteeerrrrrr… but then again.. he’s good for having her as a wife.. after all the dirty videos of hers n snogging women… n all… hmmmmm lets hope that all stops now :D…
    n to those.. who love her up… n diss others who r dissing her.. how abt YOU get alife.. admiring a celeb.. making her ur role models.. n all.. get real!!!!!!!!!!!!! truth hurts!!.. n dnt get me wrong i think christina’s very pretty! but shes changed frm innocent to devil!! i wonder whos to blame.. n ppl shudnt b encouraging her on such stuffff.. anywayssssss peace


    WEDDINGS are nice and one wishes they´ll last and couples getting married love each other, are aware of the seriousness and honor their vows.

    A question for Cristina´s fans or people more informed, what´s her religious background ? Seems Catholic to me.

    Orthodox and Conservative Judaism certainly won´t marry people if both aren´t Jewish ( by Birth or by Choice-Conversion ).

    Conversion to Judaism, Orthodox and Conservative requires joining a Study Program, Declaration of Faith and going to the MIKVAH ( Ritual Bath ) for women, plus the BRIT MILAH ( Circumcision )ceremony for men. Encouraged is observance of SHABAT ( Day of Rest ) and KASHRUT ( Kosher/supervised food )additional to regular attendance to synagogue ( not only on ROSH-HASHANAH ( Jewish New Year ), YOM KIPPUR ( Day of Atonement ) and PESACH ( Passover ).

    So I wonder if Mr. Brantman Jewish affiliation (and observance) is to Reformed Judaism.

    I wish them the best for taking that decision and hope that they´ll follow some religious observance and wonder HOW they´ll raise kids: Jewish, Catholics or without religion.

    Another similar wedding was with Mexican singer Christian Castro ( who didn´t convert to Judaism and whose family is Catholic ) and his Jewish Argentinian bride Valeria Lieberman.

    Other famous “trying” JUDAISM, so called as “Kabbalah Center” ( different than serious study of Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism, by ordained/certified Rabbies or Yeshivot students ), are MADONNA and MICHAEL JACKSON.

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