The Celebs Love Their Customized Clothing

With the Grammy’s and Oscar’s passing, high fashion in celebrity life is upon us. Who’s wearing whom and when they wore it, and has it been worn before? Honestly, it’s almost comical how a celebrity now will “shout out” her designer like a rap artist shouts out his group before a song. However, with high fashion comes down time. A trend that has recently caught on in celebrity life is customized clothing. Websites like CustomizedGirl are starting to cater to celebrities with styles and sayings they like and are getting them put on their favorite apparel. Believe it or not, most celebrities have been pictured in t-shirts and jeans more than Gucci or Prada. So, I got in contact with the leading customized clothing company, Customized girl and asked a few questions.

In an interview with Taj Schaffnit, the president of CustomizedGirl, he said, “The site is designed specifically for women, providing the luxury of quality customized clothing, once only accessible to celebrities, with out the high cost of the boutiques”. In touring their website, they have a real simple design tool for you to totally design what goes on your shirt, and one thing celebrities want to do even in down time is, stand out. I went back to do my own research, and tees like “Future Mrs. Lachey”, and “Future Mrs. Federline” are very easy to design and order online.

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So if it’s hoodies or tanktops, hotpants, or yoga pants celebrities want to stand out and be unique. There is no reason you can’t stand out just like them at an affordable price. So go on and search for companies like CustomizedGirl, and you too can look just like a celebrity for a lot less.