The Celebs Hit Sundance

Everyone from Teri Hatcher to Sienna Miller to Tara Reid hit Park City, Utah to enjoy the fruits of the Sundance Film Festival. May that be flirting, avoiding the paparazzi (Jared Leto is so tiring), or enjoying the swag, there were celebrities everywhere.

Teri Hatcher isn’t about to be a football widow. At the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Sunday, she staged some interference when her new director boyfriend, Stephen Kay, tried to watch the Saints-Bears game at Hypnotiq. Her method of distraction? Kicking off her shoes and straddling him. The Desperate Housewife also dragged her beau along for swag shopping.

Meanwhile, Sienna Miller enjoyed a cuddly chat with Josh Hartnett during celeb karaoke in the Heineken green room. Miller, recently jettisoned by Jude Law, had hung out at the Chateau Marmont last week with Scarlett Johansson’s ex, but spies say the actor was “flirting with all the ladies” at the fest.

Sienna Miller also hung out with Diddy; those details are after the jump.

Hatcher makes a play for her No. 1 football fan [Rush & Molloy]

More photos (Nick Cannon, Sean Combs, Adam Brody, Christian Slater, Teri Hatcher, Tara Reid, Daniel Baldwin, Dustin Diamond, John Hensley and Kevin Bacon) from the Sundance Film Festival after the jump.

(Nick Cannon, Sean Combs)

Miller had a pal of her own whom she met at the Golden Globes. “She chilled with Diddy a lot at the 5W PR party and again at Marquee,” said a source.

For actor Jared Leto, the night was less about friends than frenemies. Hanging with his band 30 Seconds to Mars at Tao at Harry O’s, Leto booked when he heard a rumor that Justin Timberlake might perform. “Jared flipped out,” said a witness. “He literally freaked out and left the party.”

(Adam Brody, Christian Slater, Teri Hatcher, Tara Reid)

(Daniel Baldwin, Dustin Diamond, John Hensley, Kevin Bacon)

(Tara Reid, Josh Hartnett, Teri Hatcher and Christian Slater photos WENN, all others Flynet)