Morgan Freeman, Jenna Jameson and Jack Nicholson on The Red Carpet

I love a good incongruous mixing and matching of celebrities and seeing two Oscar-winners sharing space with a porn star always makes me smile. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star opposite one another in “The Bucket List,” which premiered in Los Angeles last night. The two play terminal cancer patients and I’m sure with these two in it, there will be lots of awards nominations following the movie’s wide release on Christmas Day. And here’s Jack, rocking his signature look of sunglasses and a suit, which I see that Morgan has adopted as well. In fact if you look down at the thumbnails below, it looks like a game of “one-of-these-things-is-not-like-the-other” going on. Crazily enough, the photo that sticks out is one of Jenna Jameson, who appears to be very demurely dressed and actually looking quite sweet. Hmmm, what is she up to? I never trust an image change in Hollywood. Mostly because of Courtney Love.

Photos: WENN

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