The Britney Spears Pregnancy Rumors Keep Coming

March 10th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Will Britney Spears be making an announcement soon? She’s reportedly wanting to make the pregnancy announcement on her website, so stay tuned folks.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Britney is being really secretive, but she’s excited that Sean will have a little playmate soon.”

Britney sparked fresh pregnancy rumours after being photographed with an apparent baby bump earlier this week.

The 24-year-old was spotted with a rounded stomach during a holiday in Hawaii.

One onlooker told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “From the position and shape of her bump, I’d say it’s more than just her being out of shape.

“This looks like more big news on the way.”

More photos of Britney Spears and the tater tot, after the jump.

(Images via MYKEYWOOD)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Emma In London

    So deliciously dumb

  2. Emily

    I cant beieve shes pregnant again! Thats just sooo wrong! WHat the fuck is wrong with her? How many kids does Kevin need??

  3. tia

    I’m glad that lil sean preston will have a playmate too. It sucks bein an only child.

  4. Danger

    I agree with you Emily…

  5. taycay

    What is so wrong with her having another baby? How do we know that Kevin really does the stuff that is always talked about? There are so many people that have like five kids in five years and depend on welfare to raise their kids. They often have five differnt dads (if they even know who the babys faters are). Children are a precious gift. So if she is in fact pregnant again then good for her.

  6. Emily

    blah blah blah…

  7. And her record company? They happy about this? I’m surprised they haven’t already had his roaming nuts capped – they need the girl WORKING.

  8. taycay

    There are other things that she could do to make money. Family is so much more important than having a singing career. If I had to choose from being a famous singer or being there to raise my kids, its a no-brainer.

  9. karma


    congrats for you…but britney spears isn’t you and she isn’t being a mother-at least not a good one, she is constantly passing her child off on other people and using him as an airbag. i would have to say her having two isn’t going to make things better. she’s the type of person that shouldn’t reproduce. children are definitely a blessing, but she is not responsibe enough to take care of them, so shh

  10. oh no

    it’s hard for britney to pick in that no brainer because she doesn’t have a brain!! number one example, the bitch is knocked up again

  11. loonytick

    Looking at these pictures, it just occured to me that I’ve never seen one of of Brit and Tot where she’s actually looking at the baby. Strange.

    Also, in the last picture, why is she surrounded by people in formal attire while she sunbathes? It looks like she’s surrounded by a wedding. Stranger yet.

  12. Phoenix

    Pregnant or just fast food fat, I really don’t want to see that sad excuse of a body she’s got. What’s happened to her? I almost feel sorry for that bitch but then I remember her voice and how she actually CHOSE Federline for a husband, knowing all too well that the leech was a serial foetus maker and I forget any pity I may have had. Also, I am heartless.

  13. Cheesy

    Honeslty, the pics of her in the flowered dress make her look less pregnant than she did just a couple of days ago in that nightmare tie-dyed shirt! Don’t even start me on her Photoshopped slim sliph of a self she was in People magazine just two weeks ago!

    Pregnant or not, nice to see her with Tater Tot–her committment to motherhood is always questionable when she’s being followed by a nanny stuffing a bottle in the kid’s mouth.

  14. ANONA

    Cheesy, I agree! It ain’t about her having another kid, it’s the fact that she doesn’t pay attention to the one she has now. She’s always passing him off on the nurse or driving irresponsibly with him in the front. Who know’s what other type of “mothering” stunts she’s done when the camera’s aren’t there. Poor tater tot..

  15. las

    Ye gods, not another one. She can’t care for the baby she already has — who isn’t even WALKING yet! It’s tougher when they get mobile — and she’s having another Federline rugrat?

    Will someone PLEASE tell Britney that outside the backwater where she and Federline came from, “barefoot and pregnant” (literally, in her case) isn’t mandatory?

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