The Bollywood Wedding Wars

January 16th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Quick on the heels of Liz Hurley’s announcement that her wedding to Arun Nayer is going to be a five-day extravaganza in India, movie star Abhishek Bachchan and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai have made public their plans to marry. As two of India’s biggest stars, Bachchan and Rai’s nuptials will no doubt be even more lavish and grandiose than those planned by Hurley and Nayer, effectively overshadowing the couple. The Daily Mail reports:

Bachchan, 31, the son of movie legend Amitabh Bachchan, is the current top actor in Bollywood. Rai, 33, dubbed India’s most beautiful woman, has a booming film career and is is the face of cosmetic brand Loreal. Her agent Hari Singh confirmed a wedding was likely “very soon”.

A clash with Hurley’s plans is on the cards as both events are set for late February and March during the same auspicious astrological window for marriages. After a ceremony in a Gloucestershire castle on 3 March, Hurley, 41, and fashion magnate Nayer, 42, will travel to India for further events in Udaipur and Mumbai.

If you happen to be a guest invited to both events and are hoping to avoid a conflict, the usual of elephants as a deciding factor will unfortunately not work in this case, as both weddings will have plenty of them.

Liz set to be upstaged by Bollywood stars wedding in same month [Daily Mail]


By Lisa Timmons

  1. J

    Um, yeah. My husband is from India, so we were married in India, as well. There was not an elephant in sight. Way to play on stereotypes, though. I’m guessing you’ve never been there.

  2. ALI

    Way to have a sense of humor. no one cares. move on.

  3. Lucy

    I agree with J. Your elephant comment was uncalled for and an unneccessary stereotype.

  4. Lisa T.

    OK, this is my first time doing this, but I wanted to set the record straight. I wasn’t being stereotypical so much as literal. Here are my sources:


    And the article linked in my post also includes the following info:

    A Bollywood insider said: “No bride likes to be upstaged and I’m sure Liz is no different. These are two of our biggest stars and they are expected to have a massive wedding – elephants included.”

    I also like to joke about pirate weddings, as well as how Oompah Loompah groomsmen are an addition that would add class and refinement to any ceremony. I’m not sure that it makes me racist as much as strange.

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