The ‘Blow Out’ Drinking Game

April 18th, 2006 // 6 Comments

You know that we are fans of the Jonathan Antin hysteria-fest known as Blow Out. So what better way to enjoy the antics of the Antin than with the Blow Out Drinking Game.

1) Every time Jonathan looks in a mirror: Take one drink
2) Every time Jonathan throws a temper tantrum (i.e. throws product at the wall, kicks doors open, yells at ad execs…): Take three drinks
3) Every time Jonathan sees the therapist: Take five drinks.
4)Every time Jonathan sheds man tears: Finish your drink!

Bottoms up!

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It… [chit-chat via Rush & Molloy]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. emma w

    How about every time Jonathan mentions that he has a baby to try and hide his love of man juice, you drink a whole keg?

  2. He;s not a pussy. He;s just a closet FAG, thats all.

  3. maryanne29

    Boy, that will be a “banging” amount of drinking. Better stock up for tonight’s show.

    This is a man who lists his priorities as 1) Hair 2) His son (cue crying) 3) His “Fiancee” (don’t hold your breath waiting for that wedding to happen). He makes “The Real Housewives of Orange County” look like a group of Mensa members.

  4. Rumor

    Seriously, I think he has a gay brother.

  5. Spider

    Closet? No way, drive by his shop on Santa Monica (especially at closing time) when he flirts and flits with all the boyz. Oye, he gives me douche-chills.

  6. Rumor

    Jonathan said the movie “Shampoo” inspired him to become a hairstylist, and we know what Warren Beatty did in that movie! Jonathan is too comfortable around other homosexual men to be gay. If he is flirting with men, it’s because he is getting attention from them, and he loves it. This guy craves attention, no matter who it comes from.

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