The Black Crowes, Not Sounding So Good

These tidbits were sent in by our readers:

My boyfriend, who is a die hard Black Crowes fan, went to see them perform last night in DC. He texts me around 11 last night going on about how strung out on heroin the band, including Chris Robinson, was. They were awful, which says a lot if it came from my boyfriend.

I saw Mary J. Blige’s husband Kendu at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Tuesday the 12th.  He was getting out of a car and walking into the hotel, while a woman was in the passenger seat who was NOT Mary J. Blige.

Also, on Sunday night, Chris Rock was on my flight to LA, chatting it up with two ladies sitting in front of me.  He was telling them that he could be more honest and open with the two of them who he barely knew, than he could with his wife.