The Bitterness Continues: Do Ugly Lawyers Make Better Employees?

March 22nd, 2006 // 5 Comments

We had so many great entries in the Bitter is the New Black contest, that we had to post some of the other entries. Hopefully, your story won’t sound so bad after reading these.

I was hired at a law firm on Long Island which deals with horribly boring no-fault law, and was employed for almost 6 months (12 days shy of 6 months to be exact). During my stay there, 9 out of 9 partners are men, their criteria for hiring new attorneys was: if ugly need not apply, and every single female attorney who has worked there long enough to make it to being considered for partner, has been fired for some obscene reason (like they used all their vacation days instead of coming to work). Also, the affairs the partners had with female workers (either attorneys or secretaries) was rampant and so obvious.

So, during my first few months I really enjoyed it. The work was boring, but since it was new to me, I enjoyed learning it. Then after a few more months, I realized that the work was dreadfully boring, but I always did my best. However, to my amazement, and almost everyone else’s, I was “let go” on March 7, 2006 because my work was not “up to par” . The reason was so vague and basically unimportant because I knew the truth, which was that I had almost reached the 6 month mark (which means that after 6 months, they must pay you unemployment), and since I wasn’t sleeping with any of the partners, and I was single and young, there was no point in keeping me.

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I truly believe that if I was sleeping with one of the partners, I never would have been “let go of”. Also, I believe that if I was fat and ugly I also would not have been let go. But, because I am young, single and attractive and not sleeping with any of them, it was something that pissed all the partners off~ none of them could “get me”. Also, I believe that I fired because I did not “kill” myself to make my hours. All in all, I say that to every woman seeking a law job on Long Island, stay away from any large firm on Long Island where all the partners are males~ as a female you will not be promoted, and its a sick men’s club.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Nina

    Meh. Enough of Ms. Lancaster, please. We get it, she has a book out. Isn’t there enough graceless self-promotion on her own web site to preclude this site from pimping her book? The stories are good, but everyone has one. I want to read smut about celebrities, not some wanna-be celebrity.

  2. Glittergal

    I totally agree with this girl~ men are sick and especially male lawyers. Male lawyers are the ugly guys from high school that only recently, due to their job and income, are now on a power trip and treat female attorneys like they are below them.

    I say TO HELL with high powered men who have $$. Stick to the small town guys because those are the ones who will treat you right.

  3. Daisy

    I can relate. It is unbelievable that in the 21st century women are still considered minorities especially in the legal field.

  4. Lisa

    I’m with Nina. Why do we have to keep seeing this crap? Enough Miu! Please do not post anymore of these.


    Ummm…ya…this girl is just bitter. Perhaps she got her ass fired cuz she IS ugly or a shitty worker.

    I dont see how this makes any sense, if you are young, single and attractive – why would dirty MEN fire you? They’d keep you there just to see your ass wiggle. And besides, she was there for only 6 months, not even long enough to start up on an affairm, they didnt even want to bother with her.

    What a loser – she is.

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