The Bitterness Continues: Newly Married And Bitter

We had so many great entries in the Bitter is the New Black contest, that we had to post some of the other entries. Hopefully, your story won’t sound so bad after reading these.

In August 2004, I had been working for a start-up software company for about a year. I had recently changed positions and taken on responsibility for coordination and management of all marketing materials, and had begun developing new online marketing programs. I had just renegotiated my contract, moving from a base+commission structure to a base+bonus structure. All seemed to be going well – after all, the successful contract renegotiation would seem to imply that they are committed to keeping me on, no?

I was married over Labor Day weekend, 2004, and took a fabulous 2-week honeymoon to Australia. The second day I was home, I received a meeting invite to join a conference call with my manager and her boss, and the conversation went something like this:

“Hey, how was the wedding?”
“Oh, it was fabulous, it was really everything we wanted!”
“And the honeymoon was good? Good trip?”
“Absolutely, Australia was just amazing.”
“Great, glad to hear that. Listen, we did some restructuring while you were away and, um, we’re going to be laying you off.”
“So, we’ve just e-mailed you some details on your severance and everything. We’re giving you two months’ pay, which we think is pretty generous, really.”
“And, um, when is this change taking effect?”
“Oh, well, you know, this week. Today.”

And that was that – I was out of a job.