The Bitterness Continues: Bitter May Not Be The Word

March 15th, 2006 // 16 Comments

We had so many great entries in the Bitter is the New Black contest, that we had to post some of the other entries. Hopefully, your story won’t sound so bad after reading these.

i was working at ” a major, international” rental car company. I was working the second half of my split shift, which was 12:00 a.m. to 4:00a.m. We’d been having a rash of prank calls and one night I got one. The caller said “What kind of panties are you wearing?” and so, being the smart-ass that I am and being bored, I said “I’m not wearing any panties”. The next day my supervisor called me into her office and asked me to “have a seat. i have something i want you to listen to”. I had only been out of training for 2 weeks, so my boss was still monitoring my phone calls regularly because i was a newbie. i had to sit there in her office, in front of her and listen to the recoeding of that phone call. after i listened to it she said “i’m removing you from the payroll…you DO understand what that means?” sacked. canned.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kelsey

    Aww, that’s just bad luck

  2. Thats bad luck, but its absolutelly hillarious!

  3. tia

    I dont feel bad for her at all. When on the job no matter how crappy it is she should always be professional. As a marketing and management student I feel she got what she deserved.

  4. Ldysunfyre


    You don’t sound like much fun.

  5. tia

    Well ldysunfyre I happen to be cool as fuck … but the difference between me and u is that I know that there is a time for everything. In this case she should’ve been professional. If she was at home and recieved that prank call then she coulda told him whatever she wanted. She was on the job and acted wrong and for that she paid the consequences.

  6. DocEDC

    Tia: “As a marketing and management student”… well that just about says it all doesn’t it? Gack, no wonder most of your comments are completely inane- a marketing “student.” The only profession worse than being a lawyer is someone from marketing.

    Save us all, off yourself now.


  7. tia

    Hey doc f*ck off okay .. excuse me for speaking my mind … thats me and if you dont like it well you can just go jump of a cliff somewhere !!! I cant help it i’m a business person and its obvious she made the wrong decision. I wont apologize for what I said. It was truthful .. and while your over here talking trash what the f*ck do you do besides sit back trash talk ppl for keepin it real. Dont sit here and be mad at me for your boring peice of sh*t life … no one else seems to have a problem with what I say. So fuck you very much ok DOC.

  8. Jocasta

    Tia, why did you censor the word fuck the second and third time you used it, but not the first ? Seems kind of redundant. :)

  9. tia

    LOL ..I wasnt payin attention .. I was so mad at this dumb ass for comin at me I forgot to censor it again LOL … but thank you for pointing that out :)

  10. Tia: Hello?
    Caller: Tia…
    Tia: Hello, Best little C&M in Texas,oops…I mean, how may I help you?
    Caller: Tia…are you at home?
    Tia: Er…Yes? Who is calling please?
    Caller: What panties have you got on…
    Tia: I don’t have to answer that!
    Caller: I bet they are really di**y…tell me how di**y you’ve made them…
    Caller:What? of course not! I’m in marketing communications and management! My reputation and everything else is spotless! I AM perfect!
    Caller: Tia…I know you’ve made them grubby and I want to sn**f and l**k them…
    Tia: What? of course not! I’m in marketing communications and management! My reputation and everything else is spotless! I AM perfect!
    Tia: I understand.Let me see if I can put you through to a colleague who may help you.
    Caller: Do you get h**ny during class? do you like to p**y with yourself during lectures?
    Caller: It’s been a pleasure!Thankyou for calling! (hangs up)

  11. tia

    allllrighty then :/

  12. Kelsey

    Sorry Tia but that was daaaaaaaaamn funny!!!
    Sometimes you just gotta have a little fun on the job, I’m not gunna lie. Where I work…well there’s probably a little too much fun…@ one point there were 14 2-4s piled infront of the bathroom…that’s a lot of beer haha…but yes i agree, there is a time and a place for everything…if u know ur calls are being recorded…probably not the best idea…

  13. tia

    Kelsey no need to apologize .. your cool as hell :)

  14. Silasdog

    Tia, sweetie, do you have the fixin’s for a nice cold martini? I’d ahip you one, but the FedEx guy would drink before he even got to his truck. What she did was a riot, even if it wasn’t good judgment. However, I think her boss was stiff necked, unyielding bitch who should have her butt ignited by Godzilla. I don’t like people being fired without a second chance, it’s just something that’s always bothered me. Guess I’ve seen too many people shafted by “business professionals.”

  15. Ruins

    Not to worry y’all. When Tia hits the real world, that lack of understanding will bite her in the ass one day. She’ll forget all about this conversation and have an unprofessional moment at work. (The Horror!)

    Down the line, perhaps she’ll share her experience with some pissant college student who thinks they know it all who will laugh in her face and the cycle will live on.

  16. DocEDC

    Well Tia, since you asked… I finally got sick of reading your inane comments, I just had to say something finally. And, if I had taken a moment, I’m sure I could have guessed you were a marketing major- the clues were all there. The amazing lack of intellect being the top one.

    As far as my credentials… the “Doc” is for a PhD in physics from UC Berkeley. After I handed in my thesis, I took off to Yosemite to be a professional climber (bum, whatever). From there, I worked some construction, taught myself database dev and C# coding. I’ve been working as a lead SQL dev for a few years now- with occasional stints as a web applications developer. Hrm, what else, I build hot rods- you know, vroom, vroom (does that help?), I still rock and ice climb all over the world though I don’t get paid to do it anymore. I occasionally write for the climbing mags… blah blah blah…



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