The Bitterness Continues: From A Former Dairy Queen Employee

We had so many great entries in the Bitter is the New Black contest, that we had to post some of the other entries. Hopefully, your story won’t sound so bad after reading these.

So I once worked for a racist, perverted pig.  He was the owner of the Diary Queen restaurant where I served as an employee.  Mr. Pig, as I like to fondly refer to him, hated black people and women; that is, unless the women were dancing naked in the strip clubs he often frequented.  Mr. Pig had a manager who worked for him who I will call Mr. Sleaze.  Mr. Sleeze and Mr. Pig were good friends because of their intense hatred of black people and love of naked women.  Mr. Sleaze even had the letters, “KKK” tatooed on his fingers which he had to keep bandaged at work so as not to offend the people buying ice cream.  Mr. Pig and Mr. Sleaze often used the “N” word when they talked about a black female employee.  She was the only black employee.  She had only been hired to even the race quotient(their words, not mine).  They hated her, but Mr. Sleaze had a thing for me.  I was 18, and fairly naive and impressionable.

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He was desperate, and I mean really desperate to get in my pants.  But I don’t go for guys like Mr. Sleaze.  I didn’t want to catch any number of veneral diseases that he carried.  So Mr. Sleaze complained about me to Mr. Pig because I wouldn’t sleep with him.  So Mr. Pig decided to punish me at work.  One day he gave me a toothbrush and told me to scrub the floor with it.  He literally handed me a tooth brush, smiled and said, “Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the french fry grease out from between the cracks of the tile.”  I told him, “Are you crazy?” or something like that and the next thing I knew, I was in the office being told that I was fired for insubordination.  After that day I often saw Mr. Pig in driving around in a white convertible with license plates that said “Dairy King.”  He even drove around in parades with that convertible in the St. Louis area during 1992-1995.  I’m not bitter or anything, but I hope Mr. Pig’s and Mr. Sleaze’s dick’s rotted and fell off long ago and they have to pee sitting down.
Former Dairy Queen Employee

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