The Birthday ‘Situation’: Body Part Cakes Are Frightening

I am of the belief that any cake that is fashioned after a human body part or includes the face of people is disturbing to eat. There’s some sort of disconnect between fluffy, delicious cake with buttercream or whipped icing and the fact that it’s in the shape of grandma’s face, or a giant penis, or in this case Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrenti’s abs.

There’s something very Hannibal Lector about all of it. And plus, on top of all of that, if you really want abs like Mike’s, you really shouldn’t be having any cake. Now, eating cake off of someone’s abs is a whole different situation…

Happy Birthday, ‘The Situation’ – we’re honoring you with a 27 fist-pump salute! Check out the gallery of the celebration at New York City’s Tenjune!