The Bill O’Reilly Sex Scandal: Finally!

October 13th, 2004 // 8 Comments

Who knew Bill had a sex scandal in him? It really was only a matter of time. It’s Bill O’Reilly vs. former Fox colleague Andrea Mackris. Here’s the lowdown:

A Fox News Channel producer sued Bill O’Reilly for sexual harassment Wednesday, alleging her boss had phone sex with her against her wishes three times.


O’Reilly along with FOX News sued Andrea Mackris and her lawyer on Wednesday, alleging they threatened him with a high profile sexual harassment case unless he and Fox paid $60 million in “hush money.”

Such a tangled web he weaves. The complaint from Mackris states that O’Reilly’s behavior included talk of vibrators and phone sex, allusions to a menage a trois and stories of his sexual experiences. [The Smoking Gun has the full complaint]

Phone sex with Bill O’Reilly sounds quite unpleasant. According to the complaint, Bill O’Reilly has a vibrator that a woman gave him “shaped like a cock with a little battery in it.” Maybe if he used it on himself once and a while he’d lighten up a bit.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Darrius

    Please, please, please report the facts straight!
    O’Reilly, because he was clearly being extorted, filed suit FIRST. In reaction, Mackris and co. filed the law suit that they were threatening to file if he didn’t pay up. Think about it, doesn’t it seem odd that Wed. morning O’Reilly filed an extortion suit and Wed. evening Mackris filed a harassment suit? If Mackris was the poor little innocent victim who just wanted the abuse to stop, wouldn’t it have been the other way around? Also, why didn’t she go to Fox HR first, instead of sleazy, money hungry lawyers?

  2. Jack Welch

    I agree she is probably a money hungry gold digging woman who set him up. However, I predict she will pull him down and destroy him. O’Reilly is an asshole and he fell right in her trap. She will roll over him and leave him smashed up on the roadside with a ruined career and ruined finances. A fitting end to a creap who spewed a web of lies and filth around him.

  3. Ed Wood

    Wait just one damn minute!
    1) Bill O’Reilly has a history of Sexual Harassment- Just wait and see how many other former female employees come forward.

    2) The threats she alledge he made against any woman who dared come forward have come true.

    3) O’Liely generates over $30,000,000 a year for Roger Ailes, Who’s side is he going to take on this?

    4) FOX has a history of filing frivilous pre-emptive lawsuits – Al Franken for one. The court ruled FOX’s suit, “Wholly Without Merit”

    5) How else would a woman in the same position get the goods on him? Record the conservsations.

    6) In light of Kobe Bryant – do you really think she took this route knowing how she would be vilified by FOX in the press if it wasn’t true?

    7) Watch the timeline of events between FOX and her attorney- It will show how Fox lied, cheated and stole.

  4. Suz

    It’s so obvious from reading the court documents that this was meant, among other things, to be a smear on Bush and conservatives. Mackris is picking up where Dan Rather failed in the vilification department.

    Isn’t it kind of strange that she kept going out to dinner with this guy throughout the years even though his inappropriate talk gave her the creeps? And her recall of his sex monologues are just so verbatim. Even now, years later. Wow, how credible.


  5. Shark

    Beady-Eyed Billy O’Reilly
    leaked his dilly
    on the telly
    now he take flight to new delhi

    Start writing the checks Bill.


    O’reilly is done. The recorded conversations , regardless of the result of the lawsuit, will be his undoing. I mean, can you really watch him on TV and NOT think about what the hell was he doing with a vibrator????

    Look for a gradual decline in his ratings.

  7. Josh

    Words cannot describe how happy I am to see Bill O’Reilly being humiliated. He’s entitled to his political opinions, and I have always had the choice to either tune in or turn him off. I do a little of both, since I am a glutton for punishment. I personally see him as a first class jackass that rambles on in dangerous amounts. Rarely, if ever, has he allowed those that dissent his opinions a chance to speak. The Courts are going to change all of that, as he will not be able to out-shout a judge with indignant exaggerations of the truth. He has been caught, and now he has to sleep in the bed he made. Regardless of the turnout in the case, Mr. O’Reilly it seems, will finally be robbed of that small speck of credibility FOX created just for him. If I could ask him just one question, it would be this; Am I spelling “comeuppance” right?

  8. Hahaha

    This is just so exciting! He who has been pretending all the time as so morally superior to everyone else turns out to be a pervert enjoying himself with a vibrator….

    After raising himself so up and high, the crash will definitely be more hilarious…

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