The Best of the Worst

The Razzies (almost as anticipated as the Oscars) are famously known as the awards handed out to the worst films and actors from the previous year and Sharon Stone is a big winner this season, nabbing the coveted prize of worst-actress for her performance in “Basic Instinct 2.” From Fox News:

“Basic Instinct 2″ also had a nomination for worst screen couple for Stone’s “lopsided breasts.” Also nominated were co-star David Thewlis for worst supporting actor and the movie’s director, Michael Caton-Jones.

Along with the Wayans, “Little Man” co-star Rob Schneider had a worst-actor nomination. The other nominees were Tim Allen for “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause,” “The Shaggy Dog” and “Zoom”; Nicolas Cage for “The Wicker Man”; and Larry the Cable Guy for “Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector.”

Now, Sharon’s no stranger to the Razzies having had won in previous years for worst-actress for 1994’s “The Specialist” and “Intersection,” but I’m sure she’s still excited nonetheless. Because as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Sharon Stone, Duff Sisters, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan Nominated for Razzies [Fox News]