The Best 55 Hours of Britney’s Life

First off that shirt makes Britney look fat (or pregnant).

Madonna has taught Britney Well. In the mother of all publicity stunts (sans Paris’ videotape), Britney Spears weds and files for an annulment in the matter of 24 hours. It would have been a little more credible if she hadn’t married some hillbilly (kind of cute, but when he opens that mouth stupidity pours out of it). Clearing up some rumors, Britney did not marry Jason Alexander from Seinfeld.

Apparently Brit didn’t know what she was doing when she got married (stupid is as stupid does), and didn’t know what she was thinking. She was thinking about the stinker of a CD she released two months ago needing a little sales boost.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t 55 hours of wedded bliss. Getting lawyers to draw up annulment papers took the wind out of that sail. Reportedly she was wasted during all this, however, spokes people are saying otherwise. Of course they are. They want to keep their jobs.

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Thanks for the wedding photo.