The Beckham’s Tattoo Love

Somehow Victoria Beckham forgot her nineth wedding anniversary. So what did she do to so she’d never forget it again? She had the date tattooed on the back of her hand (she has the date that she and David Beckham first had sex tattooed on the back of her wrist). Apparently the woman has never heard of a Palm Pilot.

There’s very little that we don’t know about the Beckhams, but occasionally we get to find out a little bit too much information. Whether it’s Posh Spice claiming that David likes to wear her knickers (and then unconvincingly trying to laugh it off as a joke) or Rebecca Loos spilling the beans on her ‘sex life’ with Goldenballs, events in the Beckham bedroom are of no interest to us whatsoever. It doesn’t stop us telling you all about them, of course, but know that we are shaking our heads sadly while writing this…

One thing we definitely know is that both of the Beckhams love getting new tattoos done, so the news that Posh has got another new one is hardly ground-shaking, apart from the fact that it is to commemorate the first time the happy couple made the earth move for each other. So, we can now tell you that young David Beckham and Victoria Adams first knocked boots together on 8th May 1997, because she’s had that date tattooed on her wrist in Roman numerals.

Beckham whisked his lady off to the Ritz in Paris earlier this month to celebrate their ninth ‘intercourse anniversary’, though it seems that dozy Vicky had forgotten the momentous occasion: “Victoria hadn’t remembered the exact dates – but she was bowled over when David told her during dinner,” a source revealed. “She knew then that she had to commemorate the occasion with something permanent.”

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(Images via Gossip Rocks)