The Beckhams Shop Till They Drop

Victoria Beckham stepped out with her husband David, and their son, Romeo, on a shopping spree that can best be summarized by the slogan written on the back of her tank-top, “Show me the money.” The British transplants to Los Angeles enjoyed a day out at the Gearys jewelers, then the Maxfield boutique before finishing off their shopping spree by hitting up a Katie Holmes favorite, Barneys. Perhaps it’s just business as usual in the Beckham household, or maybe they were celebrating the fact that both David and Victoria have hit major paydays recently; him with his $250 million dollar contract with the L.A. Galaxy and Victoria with her upcoming Spice Girl reunion tour. All this attention from the media in the U.S. has been good for the business of being a Beckham, with Posh earning herself an NBC reality special. However, it makes David apprehensive.

“It’s definitely over the top here in LA.

“In London, if we’d go out to dinner, there would be four or five cars following us.

“The other night we had 47. No joke. I get nervous. They run red lights and you’re just waiting for accidents to happen.”

Please, that’s not necessarily paparazzi, David. It’s just stupid L.A. drivers. Out here, turn signals are for pussies.


More photos of the Beckham’s post shopping after the jump.