The Beckhams Party With Diddy

March 27th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Even the Beckhams can get partied out. Victoria and David Beckham had a pre-dinner party at Nobu, and following that, they joined Sean Combs at Automat Bar to hang out some more. By the end of the evening Posh and Becks looked a tad rundown.

David and Victoria had a pre-party dinner at exclusive restaurant Nobu Berkeley. The couple looked strangely glum, especially David, who was wearing a huge silly white hat and what looked like his grandad’s cardigan.

They then hit the Automat Bar to get jiggy with Diddy. With Diddy’s partner-in-rhyme Snoop Dogg absent due to a home office ban, he called on the former England captain and his glamorous wife to join him for a glass or three of his favourite tipple, £200 a bottle Cristal champagne.

A few hours later, looking the worse for wear, the Beckhams climbed into their chauffeur driven car, where a ‘tired and emotional’ Victoria collapsed in a heap over husband David.


Photos of Victor and David Beckham at the end of their evening with Diddy after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. phat_chuy

    Nice to see her actually smiling in the fourth pic!

  2. NJ

    I want her outfit!

    LOVE it.

  3. Brunette

    Becks is wearing some serious bling.

  4. Whoa she’s actually smiling!

    She must have been completely sloshed. Haha


  5. For the love of all that’s holy!

    That fake nippleage could cut glass!!!

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