The Beckhams Doing What They Do Best

January 12th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Shopping while looking pretty.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sawas

    except she has a horrible pig nose

  2. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    And a leather vagina

  3. doofus


    HE looks pretty. she looks like my old leather duffle with a pig nose.

    when I see pics of what she used to be, it makes me sad. she used to actually look good.

  4. QueenB

    He is so gay.

  5. nedbat21

    And to think…

    all she did was answer an ad in a paper looking for singers.

  6. Silasdog

    oink, oink, pig snout

  7. Laura Lord Belle

    Regardless of her face, I love her hair, and absolutely love what she is wearing!!

    Gorgeous boots and coat!!!

    He is yummy too!!

  8. Katie

    Is it me or does she always look like she needs a bath? I guess it’s the spray-on tan, after spray-on tan. It makes her look ashy and dirty. Plus, her highlights are so frosty and cheap looking. Ugh. With all that money and she looks like she works at Scores.

  9. Kelly

    She is absolutly the worst waste of time. I have no idea why this woman thinks that she has any status or what ever it is that she thinks she has! I can’t stand this bitch.

  10. Is it just me, or does Victoria Beckham look like a grey alien every time she puts those glasses on. For comparison see this link
    Grey alien

  11. andramada

    she looks like a lollipop.

  12. ShoeSlut

    Hey, Posh — the trailer park called — they want their trash back.

  13. NYSocialite

    The paparazzi are obvi after David, she is simply in the way. “Tacky Trench Secret Agent Barbie, we need you back at headquarters.”

  14. taco

    Why is she channeling Lil’ Kim here?

  15. Silasdog

    Katie, you’re right on target. She always has a greasy,scuzzy look, and she is no way attractive. What is he doing with her?

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