The Beauty of Ugly Betty

Unless you’re Giselle Bundchen (or some other Victoria’s Secret Angel, damn them–except Tyra cause she’s’ REAL Y’ALL!), then you probably have fallen in love with Ugly Betty for the same reasons we have. Cause for most of us, even though we may not be walking around wearing glasses, braces and a garish sweater vest, we’ve all got out little insecurities about our physical beings that to us seem just as glaringly obvious. From USA Today:

Ugly is the new beautiful. That’s the message behind a new public service campaign, “Be Ugly ’07,” being announced today by ABC off its fall hit comedy Ugly Betty. The purpose — aside from drumming up new viewers — is to promote a positive message for young women: “Be real, be smart, be passionate, be true to yourself and be ugly.” Main character Betty Suarez (played by America Ferrera) is not movie-star pretty, but she’s smart and capable and has a good heart. And more than 13 million viewers a week love her for it. “The irony is that this girl is perceived this way,” says Silvio Horta, Betty’s executive producer. “The second you get to know her, she’s beautiful.”

Want to see just how obsessed with Ugly Betty we are? Well, when we’re not blogging about it, we’re recapping it–at least, our J. Harvey is, every week. So, if you want to feel all literary and shit–try reading about your favorite TV show and get your ugly on.

The fight for female self-esteem gets pretty ugly [USA Today]

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