The Bachelor’s Travis Stork Before He Was The Bachelor

February 16th, 2006 // 25 Comments

This season’s Bachelor, Travis Stork, seems to have been a ladies man long before he agreed to participate in the ABC show. He spent an evening out with a reader, and sent her an email following an evening out at a bar.

From: “Stork, Travis” [deleted]

To: [deleted]

Subject: hey

Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 13:20:38 -0500



hope you had fun at the bridal shower. here are a few pics from last weekend. how much do i love my new camera!! anyways, i’ll try
to give you a call tonight.

hope all’s well:) travis

The producers of The Bachelor cleaned him up a bit as well. Notice the long hair in the second photo.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. You have the nicest readers in the world.

  2. Dr. Tia

    I dont watch the bachelor so I dont know how he looks now but these pics of him dont look so bad. Its just a guy partying with his friends and enjoying himself. Although I do not agree with ABC changing his image for some show no one really watches. You should always be you not someone else even if some stupid television show with phony girls pay you too.

  3. ilovehim

    hes hoooooooooot

  4. Lisa

    Does anyone notice who the guy in the blue shirt is? He’s Tucker Max of the notorious Check it out…seems Dr. Travis keeps company with sexoholics.

  5. southergal

    Way to go, Lisa! I just picked up Tucker’s book at Books-A-Million on Sunday out of curiousity, and could not put it down. I was aghast (and slightly amused) at some of his stories, and couldn’t quit staring at the photo on the front. Can’t believe I didn’t recognize him. What the hell is good ol’ boy Stork doing with that scum?!

  6. She knows

    That’s not Tucker Max! Just looks a little like him, but no you can tell in the 2nd picture it’s not…

  7. bre

    he’s too fine…i don’t care what he looks like …he’s HOTT!

  8. K

    Looks like Tucker in the 3rd pic…. but totally not in the 2nd.
    I think it is just the “I’m so hot” pose the dude is doing in the third….

  9. CityKitty

    The girl in the pic is cute. He shoulda picked her and not bothered with the show.

  10. Silasdog

    I’ve been watching the show. Travis is a total stiff, a nerd in a macho-man body, no moves, no game, no “rap”, a total human Ken-doll bobble-head. He NEEDS a doctor himself to prescribe some testosterone. Gag me, I had more moves when I was in grammar school. And really, how hard is it to get down with a bunch of babes who already want your body? The guy is Dr. Bozo. Human wax paper, a total see-through.

  11. Lincee

    Check out my blog at

    Funny as crap if I do say so myself.

  12. Melissa

    anyone know his email address? PLEASE

  13. Amy

    I have been watchig the show and i think travis is such a nice guy and is so Hot. i wish i had the chance to meet him so may be someday i will run into him1!!

  14. Amy

    I have been watching the show every week and I really like Travis and I think he deserves only the best. I am not sure if Sarah was the right one or not, but I am so glad he didn’t propose to her yet. I think it would be very neat if someday I could get the chance to meet him too bad I was never on the show!!

  15. trixie

    I used to be a nurse in a major metropolitan hospital. Travis Stork is a fine example of why many young, reasonably attractive, and ultimately egomaniacal docs made me sick.

    I’m an animal nurse now. The kind with four legs and zero egoes.

    The only satisfaction I can take from last night’s ‘Bachelor’ final is that he will dump treacly cheerleader Sarah in months. (IMO, he probably felt more for Moana, but was too much of a wimp to deal long-term w/ an “emotional”, somewhat Middle Eastern girl. I hope she didn’t let him screw her. In the most literal of senses.

  16. blahblah

    Travis & Tucker both went to Duke.

  17. CC

    Travis is HOT and Nice and so much for the comments about a stiff nerd. FINALLY The Bachelor has a nice, smart, genuine guy on the show who PICKED the right girl. The genuine, loving, beautiful girl. Who does that? … None other than the Decent Dr. Travis. Loved this season!

  18. ravenswing

    So, since he already dumped Sarah for his ex girlfriend of 5 yrs….is his her?


  19. Teena

    I think Travis wanted to pick the nice girl just because everyone was watching. Left to his own devices I believe he would have gone for the sex pot. Alas, the show only won him a little fame. I think Travis will have no problem finding whoever he’s looking for now. He’s probably beating them off with a stick.

    Poor guy…(I guess)

  20. kristina

    I would so love to ge ton my knees for all three of those guys…
    hard and deep into my pouty red lips

  21. April

    I think that Travis should have picked Shara B from Canada i am from Canada and people like us are fun and like to always have a good time.
    I think deep down he really liked her the most.

  22. NorCal

    Travis is very attractive and i have no problem with the show “cleaning” him up, as Hollywood has to be “Hollywood”…. HOwever i agree with an earlier comment about a bachelor Finally picking a real girl — i love Sarah and really loved this season, its just a shame that they couldnt keep it together during the 4 months of waiting game.. oh well, heres to all the hopeless romantics!!!!

  23. Crystal

    I totally agree with April!

  24. Joyce Luna

    Its been awhile, but I did watch the bachelor.
    I believe that Travis fell for Moana and the
    other little burnette, something was pulling him back
    from being himself………….whatever it was,
    I feel that he is spending time with the one he
    really wants and eventually will get to Moana.
    I feel that they will be together somewhere later
    on, whether it ever works out I dunno,but he ain’t finished with Moana.”
    I felt this all along and kept saying to myself
    “what is happening here, he is not being Travis,
    he has feelings for Moana and seems afraid to show it.”
    Maybe he is not really ready to settle down, and
    if he has a girlfriend of 5 years, you can bet the sweet doctor is not going to dump her now.

  25. albert

    I really thught Travis wanted Moana but was told (I think) by his family that she was “too emotional” for his own good. And like the good boy he is, he listened to them…

    Good luck to Moana! If I am right about him then she deserves someone better.

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