The Artistry Of Aaron Carter

July 6th, 2005 // 21 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Mariana

    What a douche.

  2. A Boy and His Dog

    You use the word “Artistry” rather loosely here.

  3. If that’s what is considered artistry now then I need to go back to art school. They never taught us that!! Yikes!!

  4. Lauren

    Complete loser!

  5. ella

    Was this taken before or after the tampon being thrown at him?

  6. rooty toot

    Hangin’ Tough!

  7. imsassymolassy

    Shield thy eyes!

  8. God what a tool…he’s famous why?

  9. Why the baggy jeans? Those aren’t flattering on anyone.

    Damn you, K-Fed! Damn your hideous fashion sense that’s making its rounds in the C and D-list circles!

  10. ilostmyshoe

    Meet this millenium’s Leif Garrett.

  11. rob

    he needs ta pose nude hes hot as hell

  12. Trish

    I can’t believe this kid is actually getting PAID! I can’t believe that HoHan and Duff actually FOUGHT over this douche bag. I’m sure they are hanging their heads in shame now…or trying to remember what drug they were on so they don’t take it again. It’s a sad, sad world when this kid gets paid more than half of the American population. I think he needs a million bloodied tampons thrown at him. What a washed up loser.

  13. thisguyisafag

    What is this fag doing? Tight pants don’t look good on all either. Those aren’t baggy by the way. It’s a loose fit. He would look even stupider with tight pants with that shirt on wouldn’ he..

  14. Sad, really. His best days are behind him. He’s already an “oldy but goody”.

  15. lala

    he’s doing sign launguage for
    a-l-l w-a-s-h-e-d u-p!

    how PATHETIC.

  16. AARON CARTER thats who he is and that’s all you need to know because when you see a show your a fan for life he lights up the stage hes the new generations robbie williams hes a true star in his own right and that’s just it, he’s a true preformer!

  17. lily

    i love aaron carter he is the best

  18. Jessica

    Well first of all.. All you people who keep saying rude and ignerant things about aaron all need to stop the pathetic shyt because aarons just like all other 18 year old guys.. He just has his life told through magazines and television. Hes a great guy with a great personality and honestly i dont think he really cares about all you haters.. as long as hes doing wat he loves and has his fans who love him and his music thats all that matters.. so if u dont like him o well who cares.. GET OVER IT .. cause hes gonna be around quiet some time ..
    A.C .. Keep it real <33


    go lily and jess. atleast sum peepal like aaron, unlike sum pathetic old lozers. 4 ur load a crap, i happen 2 b a full on aaron carter lova. just because ur jealus dat hiz betta dan u.ah, FREAKZ. roc on aaron!!!
    ~*i alwayz luvedaaron*~
    ~*i luv aaron*~
    ~*n alwayz will*~
    4m acz 1 n tru angel 4 eva

  20. Janina Anthony

    everybody except lilly, jess, and aczangel need to shut the f*** up. y’all are the most rude and pure ignorant humans I have ever met. say one of y’all like ciara or bow wow and us three posted rude and ignorant comment about them.. you guys would be all over are asses becuz we said something about your dream lover. so how do u think we feel when you guys say aaron carter is a loser? all im sayin is please stop the NEGATIVITY!!!!!! ( I LOVE AARON CARTER!!! HE HAS A SEXY BODY AND AWESOME SMILE! )

  21. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i didnt now what happened with drugs and all that but aaron rocks and some people are 2 jealoues so talk to the hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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