The Art of Nipple Tassle Twirling

Looking For Something To Do in London? How about learning the fine art of Nipple Tassle Twirling?

Queen of the GoGo Club and Dominatrix of the Desert, Miss Indigo Blue (pictured on the left), founder of the notorious BurlyQ Cabaret, flies in from Seattle to teach the full frontal arts of twirling nipple tassels. Miss Indigo has twirled her tassels across the US of A from Cabaret Verdalet in San Francisco to the legendary Va Va Voom Room in New York. In Europe she has performed with the Twisted Clits in Amsterdam.

It was in 2001 that Miss Indigo co-founded (if you’re at work, do not click on this link), a company truly dedicated to decorating the decolletage of the planet. She continues to serve as their Chief Twirling Officer.
[International Workshop Festival via Londonist]

Can’t you just picture a room full of women doing this?

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