The Apprentice Candidates Get Stupid In The Boardroom

First off all, I have to say that I’m in love. No, not with Brent, with Michael. He’s just plain edible. Anyway, moving on here.

Let’s give a few tips to the future contestants of The Apprentice. There are four basic rules that you have to remember in the boardroom.

1. Watch out for Carolyn. She’s one tough cookie, and she’s especially tough on the women in the boardroom.
2. Come to the boardroom prepared. On this weeks episode, she grilled Summer as to what she actually did for her team. “What did you contribute to this team? It’s the third time I asked,” she said, clearly exasperated. Summer couldn’t answer the question.
3. Never interrupt The Donald. Especially when he’s railing on someone other than yourself. It’s what got Summer fired.
4. It’s always a mistake to bring someone into the boardroom, who contributed quite a bit to the team, just because they criticized your management technique. Mensa member Tarek made this mistake, and it almost got him fired.

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