The Apple Of Gwyneth’s Eye

June 7th, 2005 // 40 Comments

Pretty fricking adorable.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. miguelito

    can anyone say bug eyes?? pretty cute still

  2. doe

    WOW…she looks exactly like Gwen

  3. Simon

    Pretty fricking awful name to give you kid. Might be cute now but wait till they do to school. Morons, your kid will be picked on forever.

  4. lala

    Whatever – looks like any other baby.

  5. elaina

    Looks just like Blythe Danner

  6. tia

    wow, that baby is gorgeous, she looks like a baby doll…so cute, how could anyone disagree?

  7. meowomon

    “See your Daddy over there? I know, I know, it could have been Brad or Ben, but don’t worry, Apple. Mommy will let you have all the plastic surgery you want.”

  8. Flavia

    Doesn”t remind me of her mother… very cute…

  9. MIssNee

    since it’s not right to make fun of children (some say) i will keep my comments about apple to myself, but as soon as she hits 16, she’s fair game.

  10. noname

    Who cares you aint molesting it..I’m gonna say that is one ugly kid.

  11. Mariana

    Wow, Gwynnie almost looks human. Poor kid though, she’s only one letter away from being Apple Martini.

  12. jeez… it is a baby folks… she is adorable like all babies… and looks just like her mum

    and as for her name… take it from someone with an exotic name – it is not all that bad once you learn how to “work it” – and it is a hell of a lot better then some boring, common, easy to forget name

  13. Marina

    Awwwwwwwwww! She is so cute! I wanna hug her!

  14. Jill

    She is so adorable.. she has her dad’s eyes.. I am being honest..

  15. Absolutely. She definitely has her dad’s eyes. I think she’s beautiful.

  16. lizz

    if she keeps her mom’s looks and has her dad’s musical talent, she’ll be an awesome SHOWGIRL!!!

    Terrible name for a kid, child, teen, adult!

  17. Sal

    I’ve never said this out loud..I actually think Apple is a very pretty name. I swear I’m in no way related to the Martins/Paltrows/Danners. The real tragedy, as Mariana thoughtfully pointed out, is that they didn’t consider her last name!

  18. mooks

    that baby has a damned lazy eye. ick.

  19. ap

    what the hell is wrong with you people? she is a baby and yes, she is cute. i’ll agree that apple may not be the world’s best name but, that’s not her fault.

  20. american idiot

    like pepole plz who cares why would any want no wat her kid looks like

  21. black betty

    That kid looks like a C.H.U.D.

  22. Mariana

    I do think Apple is a cute name. But again, her last name handicaps her majorly. Maybe apple martinis will go the way of the salty dog when she’s a little older. Just another forgotten libation, and the girl can get on with her life in peace.

    Let’s hope her parents don’t lose their money so she never has to become a bartender to support herself! Oh, can you imagine the confusion…

  23. Carol

    Although Apple’s not the worst name I’ve ever heard, I feel that the parents didn’t have a realistic view of this kid’s future. With a name like Apple, this kid has no choice but to be in the entertainment industry. Didn’t her parents know that she was eventually going to be an adult. What grown woman wants to introduce herself to anyone as Apple Martin?



  25. Maria

    Blythe Danner is Gwyneth’s Mom. She played the mother-in-law in Meet the Parents.

  26. mercurie

    Apple…wow what a different name but everyone is into the unique names nowadays..hey it isn’t as bad as some of the names of stars babies i have heard lately…she is a cute baby and i think she looks just like her daddy with a bit of her mommy maybe in they eyes..not much though..We go through the pregnancy, labor, and delivery yet they still seem to end up looking like their daddys…Well i wish them all the best enjoy all the “little moments”!!!

  27. yooyah

    Bubs looks like Heather Graham

  28. ma

    I think the baby is very cute. She kinda looks like her daddy.

  29. Apple is one of the cutest babies i have ever seen and i love her name my name is very different espiscally how my parents pronounce it but yes i agree the girl cant help what her name is. And now the things that are going on for Gwen the kids going to be a billionare she would have to worry about her name.

  30. lola

    Apple of my wall-eye.

  31. medea

    she is cute! You know the baby has a cute mom and dad. She is going to be hotter when she is older.She is a big pretty girl.

  32. Victoria

    She looks exactly like Gwen. She looks so cute.

  33. Hannah

    She looks alot like Gwyneth! Very cute baby!

  34. aimee

    eww wtf is everyone’s problem…

    the world is full of a bunch of unnecessary haters…why do you guys care so much about what they named their child….or how they plan to raise their child….had they been a typical family on your block i’m pretty damn sure they wouldn’t have all these stupid comments from people who are probably mindless…

    get a life…and as for apple…you don’t have to hate her because her father is in an AMAZING band and her mother is an OUTsTANDING actress…

    a million cheers for this family who deserves nothing less than happiness

  35. prev1

    Okay, just for the record not all babies are cute! Apple is pretty average-the lazy eye is courtesy of Grandma, but that’s definitely not as bad as her name. Not hating on anyone, it’s just ridiculous. You can be original without naming your child after fruit.

  36. Rachel

    I think she looks mostly like Chris Martin. She’s adorable! Her name isn’t particularly common, but that makes her unique. I have heard of stranger names before. That’ll probably be the next name that everyone will call their kids these daysand no one will think anything of it.

  37. lexi

    i think apple is a cute name and she is a cute baby!!! she does pretty much look like her mother! i love gywinnie! she is one of the best people and she seems really sweet and nice! im sure shes doin a great job as a mother!!

  38. Josh

    Baby looks like a retard.

  39. tasha

    i rekon apple is a cute name. mi first childs name is goin to be moose lol.she looks like her daddy i rekon but meh wat do i no.

    Xxx ooO

  40. okay

    dont understand why you ppl are making a big deal over the name Apple, I’d rather be called that than like, Beyonce (which isn’t even a first name), or her sister’s name Solange (what the heck is a Solange?) or ugly names like Olga, Hortence etc.

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