The Anna Nicole Court Show–The Episode Where Birkhead Says Stern Brought Anna Drugs When She Was Supposed To Be Detoxing


On today’s episode, we’ll be learning why having a the potential to come into a LOT of money, combined with a nasty drug habit is a really easy way to find yourself surrounded by hangers-on who JUST MAYBE might not always have your best interests in mind. Follow me, children, while I weave a tale of how Larry Birkhead testified that Howard K. Stern provided his client/sort-of-girlfriend with a gym bag full of pills while she was supposed to be in the hospital to get off drugs.

Birkhead, who insists he’s the father of Smith’s baby girl, said Smith was four months pregnant when she was hospitalized to kick her prescription drug habit. But her lawyer Howard K. Stern “was thwarting efforts to get her off meds,” Birkhead alleged, giving her extra pills from the secret satchel.

“She was taking meds on top of what she was getting from the IV,” Birkhead said.

Additionally, Anna’s mother testified that drugs caused Smith to accuse her family–most specifically her mother–of abuse on the video shown in court. Howard K. Stern was also grilled by the judge until he conceded that yes, he had been completely financially dependent on Smith since 2002 and is in the position to receive 6% of anything that Smith would inherit from her tycoon late husband.

It sounds like a bunch of people sitting down to play monopoly, and the person in charge of the bank is passed out while the rest of the players fight over who gets to have the baby game piece.