The Angelina Jolie Baby Scan

January 19th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Now that the Ebay auction of Angelina Jolie’s alleged sonogram was taken down, we scoured the web for a copy of the photo. We have three possibilities.

For a brief time Tuesday, eBay bidders got a first glimpse at the progeny of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Or did they? A sonogram image purporting to be the fetus of the famous couple was up for auction on eBay before being yanked by the company.

“We have pulled it off the site,” spokesman Hani Durzy told “This listing was being marketed as coming specifically from Angelina Jolie. There was no indication in the listing that she had given agreement to this.”

The now-defunct auction, listed as “Angelina Jolie’s 4-5 month fetus sonogram picture,” was reported in the British press Tuesday as generating more than 50 bids in two days.

The image to the right looks as if it was the original image from the auction.

(Photo sources (from left): Ebay, Mary Hartz, and

Brad and Angelina’s baby? eBay bidders may never know [Court TV]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    Thr middle one- the drawing of fetal Maddox II is hilarious… love the mohawk. :-)

  2. aimbee

    no way it is real…
    if for nothing else, surely they would have used a 4D ultrasound instead of the older technology

  3. DaniYell AnoniMuse

    Has nobody noticed the giant superimposed PENIS on this fetus????
    I can’t believe nobody has spotted the DICK!

  4. tinalou

    Haha! I saw the monster dick too, but thought I was just bein a dirty perv….Looks like I’m not the only one! ;)

  5. ah!ah!ah! you guys are crazy!!!!

  6. Steph

    I would say that is the LEG and not a giant penis.

  7. Jill

    Look at the first one. It’s a piece of pita bread!

  8. ingrid

    nossa eu amo angelina sou lka pra beijar aqueles labios de mael anfgelina te amo fofa

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