The Andrea Mackris/Bill O’Reilly Scandal Continues

October 19th, 2004 // 1 Comment

So, was Was Andrea Mackris In Love With Bill O’Reilly? Did Mackris and O’Reilly engage in consensual phone sex?

Who the hell knows what the truth really is, but this story keeps getting more and more disgusting! Consensual phone sex and being in love with Bill O’Reilly is really unimaginable. It may be quite a while before we know what really happened, because while Bill is laying low (cancelling interviews), Mackris is just blabbing all over the place.

Margaret Cho gives us her take on the scandal:

Andrea Mackriss may be a household name any day now, just like Monica Lewinsky. No matter how progressive we would like to think we are, we forever place blame on the victim, and force them into infamy where they will design handbags and endure jokes about dress stains for the rest of their natural lives. 60 million doesn’t even begin to cover it. For the rest of us, it is an expensive laugh charged to those who cannot possibly afford it. Bill O’Reilly will not lose his job, nor his reputation. He might spin it into how any regular Joe like himself could be victimized by a crazy broad, and weave it carefully into the FOX mythology of hate, a cautionary tale of the hysteria and greed of women.

One final footnote, a sex scandal is always good for the ratings – viewership for The O’Reilly Factor is up since the scandal broke.

By Miu von Furstenberg


    i think what everyone has to remember, regardless of bill oreilly, george bush, or john kerry, is that liberals live in theory land. They dont view the world as it is, but rather from a utopian viewpoint. That is dangerous indeed, because as they believe that everyone is and should be equal, the simple fact remains that everyone is NOT created equal, and there will never be a day when the entire world is at peace. Human nature will not allow it. Just look at all the mudslinging that is done by the DNC as it is. If they truly practiced what they preached, they would not stoop to attempting to litigate-manipulate elections, nor would they blatantly make up facts and stories about how terrible President Bush is (missing weapons in Iraq most notably. Its easy for John Kerry to be a monday morning quarterback and say what he wouldve done, because its after the fact. But he still hasnt told us what he can do in the future, except that hes sure he can do better. The sad fact remains that the liberals divide America more than anything, all in the name of “progress,” as they put it. Progress towards what? Everyone being equally poor because they gave too many handouts, with the big liberal government making personal decisions for every citizen? VOTE BUSH ’04

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