The Always Surprising James Franco

James Franco is an actor and person that has never done anything for the sake of doing something. He is someone that completely surprises Hollywood, while still remaining in the A-List crowd. James balances time between soap opera staple General Hospital, but also manages to be apart of movies like Eat, Pray, Love. James talks with Esquire about movies, school, and his relationship with his brother.
Just a run down of his upcoming movies besides the Julia Roberts starring film Eat, Pray, Love. He is also going to be in 127 Hours directed by Danny Boyle. Franco is also going to be seen in Planet of the Apes prequel. There are a slew of movies to be seen with James in the near future. 
Education has been a top priority for James attending Columbia and NYU. Surprisingly, James reveals, “Acting doesn’t do very much for me. I put off school for it, but it’s not like it was a sacrifice or anything.” Another thing people may not know about James is that he opened his first art exhibition in NYC in June. It included sculptures, videos, and drawings. 
The interview also includes a hilarious video with his brother Dave Franco. One of James’ first questions was, “What about the first time you met Zac Efron?” It continues from there and you can only imagine how the questions unfold with the Franco brothers. Make sure to check it out and Eat, Pray, Love out this Friday.