The Ageless Cindy Crawford

August 8th, 2005 // 13 Comments

Who knew there were enough hotel rooms to fit all of the celebrities who are in St. Tropez? I’m amazed at how Cindy Crawford has not aged at all. She still looks amazing.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. gia

    her body looks slamming, but her face upclose may be scary. plus she isnt really even that old!

  2. Mariana

    I wish they would have more models with her body type. Sure, she’s still thin, but back in the early 90′s a model could eat maybe, like, once a day.

  3. eek!

    For fuck sake, the woman is only 39 years old! Of course she’s still gorgeous and she probably will be when she’s like, ancient – 50 years old:-(

  4. Joe

    Yeah really, ageless my bootie.

    let’s assemble the facts shall we?

    1. She has Perfect genes to begin with mind you.

    2. She has a cook, and a trainer, and a nanny.

    3. She has the bulk of her day to run after her little rugrats and exercise

    4. She’s exercised for years and has forcerd her body to stay in shape.

    5. She’s got some fat on the legs and arms now, which makes her even Hotter to me (again, straight female), but she’s definitely packing at least 15lbs. since the “good ol days”.

    6. She’s 40, I would expect a clean-living supermodel with riches and time to look pretty damn good for 40.

    And she does.

    But it’s through good fortune and hard work, not luck.

  5. oh my word

    She looks fit and well kept and totally hot. Her husband looks like a dildo though.

  6. She’s beautiful and healthy!

  7. anni

    The thing that gets me is she has no visible stretch marks on her belly from pregnancy..can we say laser surgery people?

  8. Prentiss

    She looks amazing. I always admired her.

  9. jennifer


  10. bad bunny

    i think she looks amazing! remember this woman has had a child and is almost 40, i hope i can look this good after pregnancy. granted she has good genes and the money to help her stay in shape, keeping fit is important for models too…or else they could end up with an ass like tara reid’s…lol…sorry that one will never die!

  11. Cynthia

    Actually, she’s had two children.

  12. Brie

    She’s had cosmetic surgery on her lips and a couple of small procedures on her face. Her body looks great.

  13. dorene

    Yeah I mean 39 is like so the new 29 and she looks better than any 29 year olds I know. It seems to me the 30 and 40 something actresses have it all over these skinny ugly drunk skanky new breeds we got today. Please there’s no laser surgery for stretch marks that would make it look THAT perfect. If there were Angelina Jolie would get all those black blobs lasered off her arm now would’nt she. And by the way she looks to be on meth.

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