‘The X Factor’ Has Underwhelming Ratings, Paula Abdul Still Seems Happy

Wednesday night was a big one for singing competition fans. It was the premiere of The X Factor, Simon Cowell’s competition baby and current home to everyone’s favorite usually out of it judge, Paula Abdul. While the show has been heavily hyped all summer–don’t tell me you missed the giant billboards on every street corner–according to reports it only garnered around 12.1 million viewers, about half what American Idol usually gets.

Paula didn’t let that get her down though. She was just spotted in New York at the X Factor- Spot the X Truck Stop event. Honestly, she looked quite good. Like sure, the paparazzi really tried to get some pictures of her looking insane, and succeed they did, but overall, not bad. Check out the gallery and tell us if you think she looks…not well.

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I wonder how Simon feels about the lack of viewers. He seemed super pumped at the Hollywood premiere of The X Factor. Well, as pumped as one can expect Simon Cowell to look. Seriously, it’s such a treat when his face changes expression. It’s possible that the ratings will grow once we get into actual competition, just like it did with Idol.

Did any of you watch the Wednesday premire? I caught a bit of it and liked what I saw. Will you be tuning in again? Are you a little overwhelmed with singing competitions? Think Simon and Paula should have there own TV show a la The Odd Couple? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!