The Worst Dressed Stars Of The 2014 Academy Awards

Charlize's Bikini Bod
Charlize Theron looked amazing in Hawaii with Sean Penn.
As the most anticipated night for the entire Film Industry comes to a close, I am left with one thought on my mind and one thought only. That is, Why in the world would she wear that?

Yes, that’s right folks, it’s about that time where the inevitable sorting of who rocked it on the red carpet and who just completely missed the target comes into play.

And while some people may be overcome with joy for all of the Academy Award winners, I am still distraught by the fact that Charlize Theron thought it was okay to try to bring clear plastic straps back (it is not okay). Not to mention that Penelope Cruz, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Camila Alves all managed to convince me that pink truly is a color that can only be worn when done right. 

A total of 15 of Hollywood’s biggest stars found their way on to my list (I’m really sorry, Amy Adams, it hurts me too) but to give a fair warning, not all of my picks were made based on being down right terrible – some of them earned their spot for merely committing the crime of being uninspired.

So from the boring to the undoubtedly atrocious, I bring to you my picks for the Worst Dressed of the Oscars, and of course some remorse for the ones who really just needed better stylists to save them.