The World’s First All-Diamond Ring Looks Like Rock Candy

Hey now!  Switzerland jeweler Shawish set a world record by designing a ring, carved entirely out of a 150-carat diamond.  How the hell was this glorified ring pop made?  Well, after securing the copyright for the design in 2009, Shawish still had their work cut out for them.

“We had to do multiple tests with the design, to get the precision of the circle right. Diamonds are made of carbon and molecules that can change, even the colour can be altered when attempting to cut it,” president and CEO Mohamed Shawesh said, according to Guest of A Guest.

“We had to buy special laser equipment, to cut directly into the diamond. The most important aspect is preserving the integrity of the diamond and of course the most difficult phase is precision cutting an entire stone into a ring.” 

The ring is priced around $77 million.  Or you could just pop into a penny candy shop for something both snazzy and delicious.

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