‘The World According To Paris’ Tanks On Oxygen

The premiere of The World According To Paris didn’t do nearly as well as Oxygen had hoped.  In fact, it tanked.   According to the Daily Mail, only 409,000 viewers tuned in Wednesday night to watch Paris Hilton…be Paris Hilton. What’s worse-Aubrey O’Day’s reality show scored more viewers (720,000) for the premiere episode of All About Aubrey.

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What the network doesn’t get is that we’re not fascinated by Hilton’s life.  She’s an elitist snob who’s fun to laugh at every once in awhile.  Fine, some might purchase her shoes and perfume, but there’s really no intrigue when it comes to the gal who claims to have pioneered the celebuntate trend.  Please feel free to speak up if I’m out of line.