The Week’s Top 5 Viral Videos

Every week we will trudge through an ocean of LOLcats, hit Korean songs, and other very important things to bring you the best videos the Internet has to offer. They have brought people to stardom, and brought people to shame, sometimes even both (ahem…Rebecca Black). But most importantly, they provide the perfect distraction. Check them out after the jump. Just be sure to leave behind the auto-tune (cough…Demi Lovato)

5.  With all the generic, dispassionate, pop music out there, it was comforting to see artist Vennu Mallesh perform a song that is more than a song….It’s his life.

4. Miley Cyrus helped to turn Hannah Montana into a global brand name. I wasn’t quite sure just how far it had spread until this video.

3. Now, the Theory of Change might not be that interesting of a subject, but clearly this cat was over it.

2. To be fair, I am not sure how I would react if Demi Lovato told me I couldn’t achieve my dreams.

1. The only real place this video could land.

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