The Way We Were: 16 Photos Of Sam And Ronnie’s Relationship [PHOTOS]

Oh my gaaaaahd Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro broke up! OMG is it for realz this time.  Is it no joke?  It’s been two years of hate and love, but the sun has set on their relationship.  So much for love at the Jersey Shore.

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Don’t worry, though, ’cause single Ron Ron = fun Ron Ron, according to Pauly Del Vecchio.  “I love single Ronnie,” Pauly D told Us Weekly.  “When he’s doing the relationship thing, I let him do his thing, I don’t get involved. When he’s with Sammi he’s a different person. She’s a difficult woman!”

Take a look through our gallery of the relationship that once was.  And then get ready for them to reconcile.