The Wanted’s Max George Gets Shirtless For Buffalo Underwear

The Wanted Party
The Wanted boys have some fun in Hollywood!
I know just what your Wednesday needs: photos of shirtless men.

What can I say, I’m a mind reader. Therefore I offer you these photos of Max George from The Wanted. He’s just doing what one does on a normal day: wearing nothing but his Buffalo briefs and lounging on a couch in the lush gardens of a New York estate. I mean, that’s what I’m doing right now (jk, lol).

Max is lounging and showing off his shirtless bod for Buffalo’s “In The Buff” winter 2013 campaign

Now that, folks, is a campaign I can get behind. I’m thinking we take all the hot dudes we can think of, throw them in some underwear and then have them pose together. Yes? Yes. Also, I appreciate that Max is so willing to take his clothes off for Buffalo.

Launch the gallery to check out more photos of shirtless Max. Be warned, he does wear jeans in a few shots, but luckily he is still shirtless. You’re welcome, Earth.