‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Recap: Don’t Mess With Rick

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Rick took a real bite out of crime. Literally.

In the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we caught up with Rick Grimes, Michonne, and our favorite little dude, Carl. They are following the tracks to Terminus, but unfortunately Daryl’s creepy gang of troglodyte neanderthals are following Rick’s scent.

Rick has some major flashbacks to when old papa Hershel was still alive and kicking, teaching him about peace, love, and letting go. But then something happens which blows all of that zen bullshit out of the water.

Daryl’s gang comes upon Rick and Michonne while they are talking. Carl is inside a broken down SUV. Gang leader Joe holds a gun to Rick’s head. They want revenge for Rick killing one of their douchebag buddies back at the safe house Rick was staying in. When Daryl realizes who the gang has been tracking this entire time he attempts to vouch for his friends and begins to be brutally beaten for lying.

Joe lets Rick know that the group plans on killing Daryl, raping Michonne and Carl, all while making Rick watch and then ending him. Let’s be clear here, Rick has had his fair share of past incidents in which he has attempted to negotiate and come to an amicable comprimise with whatever asshole he is currently dealing with. He did this with his best friend Shane, he did this on Hershel’s farm by keeping an outsider alive, he did this at the prison, at Woodbury, and against the Governor for the second time he stormed the prison.

Well, Rick mothah effin Grimes has had enough. Dude, headbutts Joe who misfires right next to Rick’s ear. The group gets distracted by the gunshot and Michonne is able to get the gun away from her assailant while Daryl does the same with his. Carl, who is being held hostage by a fat, ugly rapist who has been attempting to undo his belt, looks to his dad for help. So Rick Grimes does what any father of the zombie apocalypse would do, he bites the jugular clean out of Joe’s neck and kills the bastard.

Carl is definitely freaked out and runs to Michonne after being freed. Later on that night, Daryl apologizes to a blood soaked Rick for not knowing exactly how messed up that gang truly was. Rick is just glad to have him back. The group decides to carry on to Terminus, but they go to the woods and bury their weapons before sneaking over the fence through the back.

A few people are in a main warehouse and seem to be the leaders of Terminus. An old woman is on the radio, sending out the daily signal for a peaceful place of rest. A man named Gareth has the group drop their weapons and be searched before handing the weapons back. He leads them out to the main courtyard the audience saw last week in which a woman is cooking some BBQ on the grill.

But Rick notices that one dude is wearing Glenn’s prison riot gear. Another person is wearing a poncho familiar to Grimes’ group. And their tour guide looks at a watch that belonged to Hershel. Rick holds the dude hostage and demands to know what the hell is going on. The Terminus folk respond in kind, shooting at the four as they run through the alleyways of the train station that is Terminus.

Only the bullets seem to prevent them from going certain places and guide them to particular alleyways and doors. They pass an extremely disconcerting courtyard full of skeletons, bones, and guts. Then they enter a room full of candles and memorials and words like, “We, First” and “Never Again”. Gareth then makes them abandon their weapons and enter into a train car one by one, with Carl being the last to climb inside.

When the gang gets inside the train car they meet up with Sasha, Bob, Maggie, Glenn, Abraham, Eugene, and Roserita. Everyone is pretty freaked out, but Rick Grimes keeps calm by stating that these people do not know who they are screwing with. Looks like shit is about to get real, yet again.

By Chelsi Archibald

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