‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale Recap: ‘Beside The Dying Fire’ [PHOTOS]

Andrew Lincoln's Justice
The Handsome Actor Get Down &b Dirty Portraying Sheriff Rick Grimes
Anyone who tells you that you need to be reading the graphic novel version of The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman is somewhat misguided. Although it’s a great read, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether the writers will throw a wrench in the works at any given moment and deviate from the plot. However, there are some things you can count on and disgusting oozy zombie deaths are one of them.

Rick and Carl walk ever-so-slowly from Shane’s death site as hundreds of walkers bring on impending doom. The audience isn’t really told why these walkers are ‘migrating’ as Glen calls it, other than a helicopter flies over their heads and prompts them to walk in the general direction of the farm. It’s a sitting duck of a feast on human brains. Bring out yer’ red shirts because here comes a few minor character deaths.

Rick and Carl herd a few walkers into the barn and light it afire before jumping on the top of Dale’s old motor home, driven by Jimmy. He dies a hilarious death not because of his pure stupidity, but because he has maybe had a couple lines this whole season. Meanwhile, Lori is back at the house freaking out because she just realized Carl is missing. Carol convinces her to stay with the women and let Carl fend for himself. 

Hershel has trouble giving up his farm until Rick finally convinces him to let it go. Daryl saves worthless Carol like a bad ass when he swoops her up on his motorcycle. While the women flee to the cars, Hershel’s daughter Patricia is taken down. If anyone should have died, Beth would be a great candidate because she is completely suicidal these days. Andrea gets split up from the group as everyone flees and the crew assumes she is done for.

Glen tells Maggie that he loves her. Rick, Carl and Hershel go to Sophia’s unused snack shack on the highway and wait for the others. Then the group reunites. As they run out of gas, Rick reveals scientist Jenner’s last secret: everyone is infected and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been bitten, scratched or sneezed on, when you die you’ll lust after brains. The group is pretty angry about Rick’s long time omission of this fact and start to turn on him. Lori and Rick talk away from the others when he confesses that he killed Shane.

You’d think that Lori would be psyched on this due to the fact that Shane successfully lied to the group on several occasions and killed two or more people without any regret. But her reaction to Rick’s confession reveals that yes indeed, Shane was the baby daddy and she does feel some sort of connection to him for that very reason, regardless of his psyche. However, even more surprising is the group’s reaction to Rick’s news about Shane. They look to Rick as the new psycho unpredictable killer and even ungrateful Carol questions his motives. You have to feel for Rick Grimes at this point, a man who has done everything in his power to be just and moral with no thanks in return.

In the graphic novels, Shane should have been killed by Rick ages ago and Dale should not have died so soon. While it’s true that the show is staying relatively true to the original there is still no guarantees. There have been a few epic comic style moments, but nothing tops the introduction of the newest bad ass character Michonne. After Andrea is stranding in the woods post barn burning, Michonne comes to her rescue with two pet zombies on leashes at her sides. We don’t see her face because she is hooded, but we know she is going to be wonderful to watch in the future. Also, as the show pans out of the scene the audience is shown an abandoned state prison which will be perfect for even more apocalyptic drama come season three.