The Cast Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Give The Scoop On Next Season

It can be said that the AMC hit television series ‘The Walking Dead’ has been nothing short of a surprise for everyone involved, especially the fans. With such a large following starting with the first episode, Season 2 will use a bigger budget to give the fans exactly what they want. Seen here, at ‘The Walking Dead’ screening during PaleyFest 2011 at the Saban Theater on March 4th in Beverly Hills, California, the cast revealed a few little known facts about the series.

“Next season is an open road,” says executive producer Frank Darabont “It can go anywhere.”

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It was originally turned down by NBC, whom I’m sure is regretting that decision. The second season will pick up right where they left off and the Lori, Rick, Shane love triangle will continue with a possible pregnancy. There will also be more gruesome zombie killing action, as well as more into the mystery of the zombies origin and Dr. Jenner. But don’t get too excited, Frank Darabont wants to stick with how characters will deal with this zombie apocalypse rather than focusing on the cause. Hopefully, it will be much more enthralling this time around!