‘The Walking Dead’ Review: ‘Bloodletting’

In this episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ the talented Andrew Lincoln opened the scene with an emotional performance in which he carried his dying son across an open field hoping for any chance of survival.

“I’m talking about two good ol’ boy sheriffs and the brother of a redneck who cut off his own hand because I dropped a key,” says ‘T-Dog played by IronE Singleton.

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Lori has a flashback from before the apocalypse, when she didn’t understand Rick or his lack of emotion. The audience has witnessed Rick Grimes’ calm and collected way of dealing with sticky situations and Lori has yet to appreciate that. Shane is the messenger for Rick’s shooting and seems to be a sidekick of sorts, living in the shadow of the brave sheriff.

Luckily, there is a doctor able to help Carl. As it turns out the man is actually a veterinarian, but in these hard times the crew will take what they can get. The doctor immediately recognizes Rick as someone he can trust and lets him inside the house.

Rick’s character is fascinating because unlike Shane, who only wears a black tee shirt and has let go of his police officer facade, Grimes always wears his uniform or his sheriff’s hat. This is definitely a metaphor for the type of man he chooses to be. He commands respect without even trying whereas Shane is desperate to earn it. Shane never seems to get credit for his good deeds because he is always living in Rick’s shadow. Yet Shane is the first person to respond to Rick’s needs and is willing to fight for him more and more through out the series.

Rick also looked more terrible than his son in this scene. The fat hunter who shot Carl feels so badly that he decides to help Shane find medical equipment so the boy can have a safer, more effective surgery to remove the remaining metal from the bullet.

Meanwhile, T-Dog has a major infection due to the injury on his arm. He starts spouting crazy talk and Dale, the level headed bore of the group, makes sure to take care of him. He does a terrible job. Daryl comes to the rescue and reveals one sweet stash of drugs from his brother Merle to administer to T-Dog. It included a whole one gallon bag of blue meth. This explains why Merle had no trouble at all cutting his own hand off. “Not the generic either. That stuff kicks ass.”

New character Maggie comes riding into the show like a total bad ass when she knocks a walker in the head with a baseball bat while riding on horseback. Andrea was totally freaking out about that walker, like really freaking out. Daryl did nothing more than tell it to ‘shut up’ and then shoot an arrow through its head.

Maggie then swoops up Lori, who probably feels terrible about demanding that Carl go along with his father. The scene was very emotional when Lori reunited with Rick and was able to see her son. Great acting on the part of Sarah Wayne Callies.

The episode ended with Shane putting his life on the line and getting caught in the local high school surrounded by geeks. Shane’s talk with Rick about manning up was ironic and dynamic. His care for Rick goes way beyond that of a police partner, but suggests an even deeper history of true friendship. This makes his relationship with Lori even more complicated than last season. Hopefully, Carl doesn’t die because if he does it’s totally quitting time for Lori and Rick.